At Vaibhav Dyestuff Industries, quality is our specialty. Committed to achieve excellence in the quality of products and services, we take special care in ensuring the quality and performance of our products. The various stages of production are intermittently marked by different quality control tests to maintain the performance and stability.

Technically sound infrastructure is the biggest asset of Sudeep Industries. Continuous Research & Development, methodical expertise, and rigorous quality control at every level of processing and production are the mainstay on which our business stands and flourishes.

Our in-house R&D centre (testing laboratories), comprised of the latest instruments and computers for standardization and is the heart of all action at Vaibhav Dyestuff Industries. The room is continuously engaged in improvement and research of new dyes that may be in demand. Our highly skilled team of research technicians, chemists, and engineers are working to innovate and introduce new dyes into the market, and they are equally engaged in improving existing colours.

The various tests and processes that we undertake to ensure the consistent quality and performance of our products are:

Raw Materials Analysis:

  • Purity – checked using the volumetric analysis.
  • Dye – Prepared using the laboratory scale.

The different parameters, which are checked during production are:

  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Volume Control
  • Time

Tests Conducted:

  • Coupling Test
  • Diazotisation Test
  • Cynuration Test
  • Condensation Test
  • Salt Content Analysis – Salt free solution after R.O. process

Colour Computer Output:

  • Reflectance Value
  • Transmittance Value
  • Dispersion Test – for disperse dyes
  • Draw / down test – for pigment powders